yard, back – cinder blocks & bricks storage – Home Depot color matching – IMG_3464 (20110828)

yard, back – cinder blocks & bricks storage – Home Depot color matching – IMG_3464 (20110828)
Virginia Insurance
Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)
Just a pic demonstrating our cache of cinder blocks and bricks that we left in the back yard. These are VERY HANDY for ladder stabilization when putting a 16-ft ladder on an earthy, slanted hill. You put the feet of the ladder into the holes in the cinder blocks, then shove the bricks into the remaining space. But DAMN are they HEAVY. We’ve now left some in our back and side yards so that we can stabilize ladders in the future without having to cut our arms up carrying heavy cinder blocks around our yard. So this is where they’ll stay.

That landing stone in front of the door? That used to be under the old outside air conditioning unit, before we upgraded to a heat pump as part of building our addition. It’s bigger/better than the one that was in front of the door originally, which I moved to the left. THROW NOTHING AWAY! Certainly not big-ass squares of useful material.

BTW, this is the kitchen/back door. Rarely used. Accidentally painted the storm door shut and have not not opened it since. Opted not to paint the door itself out of laziness, and the fact that it’s in alright condition other than a permanent stain from ripping kudzu off of it back when the kudzu had gotten under the storm door and grown to the ceiling. Stupid stupid kudzu.

And oh — we also had to paint that pipe. It was green like the house used to be.

Home Depot’s color-matching skills with Behr paint-with-prime vs Behr paint-without-prime leaves a lot to be desired. A LOT. Our color mis-matching here is what you get when you take the same paint back and ask them to match the existing paint. They, er, uh… don’t. No refunds! a gallon paint-with-primer, a gallon paint-without-primer, tons of brushes, paint thinner, rags, elbow grease — And you get this! Mis-matched color!

Home Depot color matching, bricks, cinder blocks, house maintenance, kitchen door, mismatched paint, pipe, planter, shovel, stone, storm door.
after painting.

Clint and Carolyn’s house, Alexandria, Virginia.

August 28, 2011.

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BACKSTORY: So our homeowners insurance (Farmers) got dropped due to having peeling paint on our window sills, trees touching our roof, and yard overgrowth (and possibly other reasons I forgot). Weak. Since when did one’s level of yardwork affect insurability? It was a LOT of work AND money for us to repaint all our sills. However, we ended up painting a lot of other things that needed painting too, like this door.

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