You spent how much for Valentines’ Day?

You spent how much for Valentines’ Day?
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Wishing all flickr friends the best on Valentines’ Day – at no monetary cost – : }

Americans will spend .6 billion this year for Valentine’s Day.
According to the survey, the average person who celebrates Valentine’s Day will spend 6. Men are doing most of the spending – 9 on average. The survey said women are spending dollars.

51 percent of people who celebrate will buy candy.
36 percent will buy flowers.
36 percent will take someone out on an evening date.
19 percent will give someone jewelry.
13 percent will give a gift card as a present.

The NRF polled more than 9,000 lovebirds and found that the average person planned to spend on their spouse or significant other, up from last year. Additionally, shoppers were expected to shell out an average of .25 on their children, parents or other family members; .92 on their friends; and .52 on their pets.

That’s right: their pets. According to a separate survey of 6,000 pet owners, conducted by Petplan pet insurance, 78% said they’d spend money on Valentine’s Day treats for their furry friends. About 62% of pet parents said they’d drop up to ; 27%, as much as ; and 11%, even more.

And it’s not only retailers and pets who are expected to see a boost this week. Another surprising group that routinely enjoys a bit of a windfall around Valentine’s Day?

Divorce lawyers.

Divorce filings rise about 40% this time of year, says data from Avvo, a site that rates and ranks lawyers. And lawyers are capitalizing on the trend. One firm in West Virginia, for example, attracts potential clients by announcing a contest to give away a free divorce. Unhappy spouses in the state need only visit Webb Law’s website and fill out a form – the person with the most compelling reason for needing a free divorce, wins

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