Do I qualify for a dependency override?

Question by Mommy to Serenity Ann: Do I qualify for a dependency override?
This is the situation, any of you please tell me if I’m qualified for a depency override. The issue is I’m 19 years old, my mother claimed me on her 2008 taxes. She doesn’t make a whole lot of money but due to worker’s compensation *untaxed income* my stupid EFC score skyrocketed from 0 to over 5000. I do qualify for loans that will pay for this year of college. But my daughter was born in May and I am currently supporting her and my girlfriend *until she is able to work again*. I believe I am an independent and would much rather use a grant than have to pay back loans. In the past I mostly did construction with my father so I couldn’t file taxes, but I currently work at a supermarket now. Being the only person working right now I pay for gas, I pay her parents rent, pay for diapers, formula, baby clothes etc. I also buy food. Needless to say, my pay check is pretty much gone after all of this. Do you think I qualify for a dependency override? Also, I used to reside in california but am currently living in West Virginia. I get no money or help from my family.
lol in case of confusion I am using my girlfriend’s Y!A account to ask this question, I’m a guy.

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Answer by SpeshL BLenD
Lol… sorry I just stopped by to read your question (I don’t have an answer for you) but the whole time I was picturing this butch 19 yr old lesbian with a baby and working construction… quite a family!

Anyways, good luck and sorry I can’t help more lol.

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help plaease nedd help on u.s. question?

Question by ashley: help plaease nedd help on u.s. question?
Johnson H. Carruthers, an architect, enters into a legal binding agreement with the
Board of Education in Harrington County, West Virginia, to design a new high school.
Carruthers used a contract form provided to him by his professional association, the
American Institute of Architects. Their standard form has been tested and upheld or
modified in various courts of law. Carruthers eventually wound up suing the Board of
Education for nonpayment. What type of law is involved?

A. Substantive law C. Procedural law
B. Evidentiary law D. Workers’ compensation law

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Answer by Robert Wilkins
D) Worker’s compensation law.

Do your own homework, kid.

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