In Virginia can health care providers opt to participate in some (but not all) of a Insurance carrier’s plans?

Question by BRM: In Virginia can health care providers opt to participate in some (but not all) of a Insurance carrier’s plans?
For example, do doctors have legal a basis to choose whether to participate in only the PPO plans for a health insurance company and not in their HMOs? What if the insurance company farms out its credentialing to a 3rd party payor? Any one know the section in the code ov virginia that would be applicable to this?

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Answer by Chris
I do not know the code, but I know they can do it.

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Obama’s Health Care starts to save lives, but Republicans pledge to dismantle it.

President Barack Obama was back defending his historic health care reforms Wednesday, as key elements of the important law came into effect despite Republican pledges to dismantle the new system. The legislation was helping end the “horrendous” vulnerability of millions of uninsured Americans who had been denied coverage, unfairly dropped from company plans, or were simply unable to afford insurance, Obama said. Health care reform was “the most important patients bill of rights that we’ve ever seen in our history,” Obama told a backyard meeting of residents in the town of Falls Church, Virginia. Insurance companies can no longer drop clients once they become ill, impose a lifetime limit on how much they will pay out to a client, or refuse coverage to children with pre-existing conditions. But Republicans have vowed to repeal the reforms. Obama vowed to fight back, and pointed out that the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has said the measure will save taxpayers mountains of cash at a time of steep deficits. “Why would you want to repeal something that the CBO says will save us a trillion dollars, if you’re serious about the deficit?” Obama told his handpicked audience at a local home. “It doesn’t make sense. It makes sense in terms of politics and polls, it doesn’t make sense in terms of actually making people’s life better.” The White House, in a statement hours earlier, said the Patient’s Bill of Rights put “an end to some of the worst insurance company abuses, and
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Appeals Court in Virginia to Hear Health Care Law Challenges

Shannon Bream is live from the federal courthouse in Richmond, Virginia where opponents of the president’s health care law are arguing their case in front of three judges. The argument is that Congress has gone too far in passing the health care law and mandating that people buy health insurance. Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli says “They are ordering you into commerce. They are compelling you to buy a product. That has never happened before in the history of this country.” For more from the Fox News Insider, check out
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Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall Discussing His Health Care Opposition Bill

On February 13, 2010 Virginia Delegate Bob Marshall appeared on Fox News to discuss his bill (soon to become law) – the Virginia Health Care Freedom Act, and the unconstitutionality of the Federal Government to require citizens to have health insurance. The bill protects an individual’s right and power to participate or to decline to participate in a health care system or plan. The bill prohibits any law that will infringe on an individual’s right to pay for lawful medical services. The bill further prohibits the adoption of any law that imposes a penalty, tax, or fine upon an individual who declines to enter into a contract for health care coverage or to participate in a health care system or plan.
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Wendell Potter in VA Beach: Health care law “already saving the lives of millions”

Virginia Organizing, Virginia Interfaith Center for Public Policy and Empower Hampton Roads were prompted to hold the “Real Dialogue on Health Care” forum because they feel that many people are unaware of what is in the health care law. The forum’s keynote speaker, Wendell Potter, is a former insurance executive who testified numerous times before Congress on the need for health insurance reform. Potter, a well-respected journalist and author of the book “Deadly Spin,” has become a leading critic of the health insurance industry, exposing strategies health insurance companies use to drop coverage and deny care in order to boost their profits.
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Health Care Halloween Horror in West Virginia

West Virginia Citizen Action Group, Communications Workers of America Local 2001, WV AFL-CIO, Direct Action Welfare Group, Single-Payer advocates and other concerned citizens gathered outside of US Rep. Shelley Moore Capito’s office in Charleston on October 29, 2009 to rally for health care reform, specifically a public health insurance option. Please call Rep. Capito today, using our toll-free number 1-877-264-4226 and ask her to support a public health insurance option. Produced by Jeremy Brannon
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