Cass Scenic Railroad – 1985 Railfan Weekend footage

This is not my own video – rather, this is some footage burned from a vhs from Cass Scenic Railroad itself – footage from the 1985 Railfan weekend, and their Photo Specials that weekend. This is only a small sampling of what’s available on the vhs. The footage features two separate excursions: one from Cass to Bald Knob, with Shays #2, 4, and 5 – and also a trip from Cass to Durbin, featuring Western Maryland Shay #6, and Western Maryland BL-2 #7172. There are many runby’s and footage from the trains themselves along the way. Enjoy this look back in time!!!

Lionel 6-38061 Cass Scenic Railroad #6 Heisler – TMCC – kgtrains

Lionel 6-38061 Cass Scenic Railroad #6 Heisler – TMCC – The mountains of West Virginia once offered some of the most bountiful, virgin timberland in the United States. Beginning at the turn of the 20th century, no other invention opened up this rugged country to loggers more than the geared steam locomotive. These “off-road vehicles” of railroading could handle steep grades, temporary, un-ballasted track and even ford a stream. In the 1890s, an inventor named Charles Heisler created the locomotive that bore his name and was the last of the major types of geared steam power. The other two were the Shay and the Climax. Of the three types, the Heisler proved the fastest. 850 were built in all, serving around the world, including the hardwood stands of West Virginia. Heisler’s design revolved around two pistons angled at 45 degrees. The pistons were connected to a shaft which powered all of the wheels via a system of gears. The articulated trucks could negotiate sharp curves. The all-new Lionel Heisler locomotives are both detailed replicas of this American original. Each TMCC equipped locomotive includes accurate operating rods, shafts and gears. The RailSounds sound system is inspired by the unique chuffs and whistle of the prototype. Both Lionel Heisler locomotives are based on a three-truck 90 ton version that was built in 1929, and still survives to this day. The Meadow River Lumber Company operated from 1910 until 1971. The mill provided the hardwood for the ballroom
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CASS: Chasing Shay 6 up Cheat Mountain

In June of 2010, Delaware Train videos travels to Eastern West Virginia to once again visit the Cass Scenic Railroad. I havn’t been there in nearly 3 years, so it was nice to be out in shay country again. While there, we chased both operating locomotives up Cheat Mountain to as far as Whittaker station. Here we chase Western Maryland Shay #6, the last shay ever built, up Cheat Mountain

Cass: Shays in the Fall-Bald Knob Doubleheader

On October 23, 2010, I made my first trip to the Cass Scenic Railroad in Cass, West Virginia. Being the fan of logging railroads that I am, it was quite an exciting experience. I spent the full day chasing the beautifully restored 3-truck shays up and down the mountain (as far as you can reach anyhow) and came back with a total of 6 1 minutes of footage. If you haven’t been to Cass, you’ve missed out. In this part, we follow ex-Western Maryland #6 and ex-Mower Lumber #5 up the mountain on their way to Bald Knob, the second highest point in West Virginia
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