3/2 mobile home, seller will finance 0% int, low down 68 payments and it is free and clear

www.StarHomeUSA.com Super nice manufactured home – in one of our best communities. 2 miles to Super Wal-Mart, Office Depot, Lowe’s and Starbucks – this location couldn’t be better. 14×70 manufactured home, 3 large brs, 2 baths, new porch and deck, move in condition – end of the street – end lot with huge yard for flowers, garden, etc. Oakview Commons offers Pro Volleyball, tetherball – for kids of all ages ;-), BBQ grill, picnic table, fire pit, horseshoes, 3 plank-horse fence, school bus shelter, soda machine, 24 hr lighting, Community living, etc – I could go on and on. Oakview Commons is a must-see Community and this is a Must-See home. For more info on Oakview Commons, go to www.StarHomeUSA.com
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Where can I find thermal imaging software that you can zoom in and out and clear images that you find?? 10pts!?

Question by Caveman: Where can I find thermal imaging software that you can zoom in and out and clear images that you find?? 10pts!?
I’m trying to use thermal imaging to find caves in West Virginia near a known cave because we believe that it has another entrance and we can’t seem to find it do to the extensive ground that we need to cover to do so! So, anyway, I was discussing this with my Geology Professor and she said that there was a software out that allowed you to zoom in and out on images and clear them as well when they got too blury to see. So, my question is where can I find this software online? Please give me the site and where I need to go to get the software I need. She said that she didn’t know where she got the software to do this!

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Answer by Pennsylvania
I see online a lot about a thermal emission spectrometer. I have searched everywhere to see if you can buy it or anything like it, but there is nothing. The best thing that I can think of is to ask your professor where you can find one. She may have sources or maybe the schools budget may be able to put out for a better thermal emission spectrometer. I know that NASA makes the best one out there but I highly doubt that they will sell it. At least at a reasonable price that the average American can afford. I am sorry that I could not find you what you need.

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