Executive Suites in Alexandria, VA – Carlyle Crescent Center

www.tradeaddresses.com Carlyle Crescent Center Alexandria, VA Carlyle Crescent Center is located at the edge of Old Town Alexandria, strategically positioned next to the King Street Metro Station. An underground pedestrian tunnel from the King Street Metro Station will lead you to the Carlyle Complex. Clients are able to enjoy the open atmosphere in the center of the complex where you can have your lunch while seated at a shaded table. This center provides easy access to historical landmarks, such as The Masonic Temple. Public transportation is available to the center via taxi, bus, metro and car. The Carlyle Crescent Center is approximately 10 minutes from the Ronald Regan National Airport or 12 minutes to Washington, DC surrounding our location we have within just a few blocks of the center are the Marriott Residence Inn, Embassy Suites and the Hilton Hotel providing guests with outstanding accommodations. The center amenities include our friendly, professional support staff, three meeting rooms seating up to 16, a large training room seating up to 40, state-of-the-art videoconferencing and business support services on an as needed basis.

Executive Papers of Governor Thomas Jefferson: Conservation at the Library of Virginia

This video shows the conservation process for the Executive Papers of Governor Thomas Jefferson, second governor of Virginia, 1779-1781. Watch Leslie Courtois, Senior Conservator with Etherington Conservation Services, HF Group, as she works to restore these valuable records in the Library of Virginia’s Conservation Lab. Leslie will delaminate, deacidify and repair these historically significant documents and explain her work in detail as you follow her through the conservation process. Financial support for this project has been provided by the Save America’s Treasures program, administered by the National Park Service, US Department of the Interior and the National Endowment for the Humanities, and from the Roller-Bottimore Foundation.
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Executive Interview: Jack Berry – Richmond Convention & Visitor’s Bureau

Jack Berry of the Richmond Convention & Visitor’s Bureau talks about Richmond, Virginia’s first class accommodations from hotels, first class meeting and convention space and Greater Richmond’s easy accessibility
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Executive Interview: Gary Rhodes – J.Sargeant Reynolds Community College

Gary Rhodes, President of J.Sargeant Reynolds Community College talks about making higher education available to Greater Richmond, providing education for developing work skills, Workforce Alliance. He also talks about why he love to live in Greater Richmond, Virginia.

Virginia Organizing Project Executive Director Arrested at Anthem for Asking About Insurance Rates

When Anthem raised the rates on the Virginia Organizing Project by 14% this year, VOP Executive Director and board members went to the company headquarters to ask why. Anthem said they were trespassing and arrested VOP Director Joe Szakos. He will stand trial in Henrico County Virginia on September 22, 2009
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