Feingold To Vote No On Financial Reform Bill?

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Is there a law in the state of Virginia about husbands with holding financial issues from spouse?

Question by Hard Hearted Hanna: Is there a law in the state of Virginia about husbands with holding financial issues from spouse?
I’ve been married for 11 years. I keep asking my husband to share the household finances with me. I just get tired of trying to plan a vacation and finding out there is a block on it. When I ask for groceries he comes home with a third of the list. He bargain shops and feels he can do it better than me? New clothes are out of the question and I mean for years! He has insurance and two 401K plans that he’s always working on and doesn’t give me access. He says it would bore me. I even told him yesterday that I need to know so I can help him plan. I never see a dime of my money it goes straight into a joint account I can’t use without asking first and he usually says no we can’t afford it. He buys software on the Internet but I’m not allowed.
I know he takes good care of me but it’s very very basic. We don’t do gifts for each other on any holiday because we are always broke. Not having gas keeps me home. Can he legally do this to me? I love him but it’s just so wrong.

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