Caterpillar Dealer Prep Program Caterpillar Dealer Prep Program… A specialization in Diesel Equipment Technology at Texas State Technical College. The Texas State Technical College Caterpillar Dealer Prep program, offered through Diesel Equipment Technology, is a manufacturer-specific, dealer-sponsored degree plan designed to prepare top-notch technicians for employment with a sponsoring dealer in the area of equipment maintenance. The program curriculum provides for eight weeks of intensive TSTC classroom and laboratory training, followed by eight weeks (16-week term) of employment as an intern at the sponsoring dealership. The internship focuses on completing specific objectives related to the course of study of the preceding classroom and laboratory activities. The student receives an hourly wage while completing these objectives under the supervision of dealer-employed mentors who work closely with TSTC instructors to enhance all aspects of the student’s training. Students work on real problems in Caterpillar equipment. The sponsoring dealership and Caterpillar provide the Diesel Equipment Technology department with state-of-the-art equipment for use in the classrooms and laboratories, in addition to real-life troubleshooting situations during the internships. Graduates of the CAT Dealer Prep program may have job responsibilities such as field diagnosis and repair of diesel-powered equipment in agricultural equipment, heavy truck equipment, truck engines and construction equipment
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What is the best tax prep software for rental property owners?

Question by L B: What is the best tax prep software for rental property owners?
Every year we spend over $ 350 on a tax preparer and end up with errors which the IRS seems to correct before sending us a check for more value than what we are told. We want to try and prepare our own taxes this time but not sure what software we should get. We have a rental property in North Carolina for which we pay a mortgage and are living in a rental apartment in Virginia. We have 2 dependents and one of us works part time and the other full time. What software do you recommend in this situation? We have vista on our computer. Thanks much!

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Answer by Oldmansea
Turbo Tax is what I use, I always pay the 80 or 90 dollars for the deluxe edition which does rentals and other business stuff.

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