Whats the name of the book about a ghost from the underground railroad times?

Question by Ya: Whats the name of the book about a ghost from the underground railroad times?
theres this book i read in school a few years ago. it was about a ghost from the underground railroad times that haunted a boys room each night. does anyone know what it is called?

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Answer by tiandron
The House of Dies Drear by Virginia Hamilton
“The House of Dies Drear is a young adult novel by American author Virginia Hamilton. Dies Drear was first published 1968, and is a ghost story (maybe!) and a mystery (definitely!), told mostly from the point of view of Thomas Small, a thirteen-year-old boy. It’s set in an isolated, old house full of secret passageways and hidden tunnels. The house used to be a ‘station’ on the Underground Railroad, the name given to a network of people dedicated to helping American slaves escape from their masters and reach freedom in the pre-Civil War era”

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Norfolk Southern Railroad: Backhoe Tricks with Jeff A.Snyder Navarre, Ohio

Part Time Signalman & Full Time Professional Fisherman. JA Snyder Stretching the NS backhoe is a great way to get it ready for a good days work. It’s almost as fun as fishing for Bass.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Cass Scenic Railroad – 1985 Railfan Weekend footage

This is not my own video – rather, this is some footage burned from a vhs from Cass Scenic Railroad itself – footage from the 1985 Railfan weekend, and their Photo Specials that weekend. This is only a small sampling of what’s available on the vhs. The footage features two separate excursions: one from Cass to Bald Knob, with Shays #2, 4, and 5 – and also a trip from Cass to Durbin, featuring Western Maryland Shay #6, and Western Maryland BL-2 #7172. There are many runby’s and footage from the trains themselves along the way. Enjoy this look back in time!!!

Strasburg Railroad: The Virginia Creeper

On Saturday, February 13th, 2010, a select few stepped back in time for a day. Penn Rail Videos was apart of this select group, as Lerro Productions put on a fine recreation of the Norfolk & Western’s Abingdon Branch operations. The locomotive powering the train is #475 dressed up as N&W #382; a sister M-Class 4-8-0. She is also wearing a unique whistle; the same whistle the real #382 wore when she was in service. That means it’s NOT the shop-built 3-chime. So sit back, and enjoy this time-warp to a much simpler time in southern Virginia. Visit www.lerroproductions.com/photocharters for upcoming charter events. For photos of the event go here: chessie2101.smugmug.com

Lionel 6-38061 Cass Scenic Railroad #6 Heisler – TMCC – kgtrains

Lionel 6-38061 Cass Scenic Railroad #6 Heisler – TMCC – The mountains of West Virginia once offered some of the most bountiful, virgin timberland in the United States. Beginning at the turn of the 20th century, no other invention opened up this rugged country to loggers more than the geared steam locomotive. These “off-road vehicles” of railroading could handle steep grades, temporary, un-ballasted track and even ford a stream. In the 1890s, an inventor named Charles Heisler created the locomotive that bore his name and was the last of the major types of geared steam power. The other two were the Shay and the Climax. Of the three types, the Heisler proved the fastest. 850 were built in all, serving around the world, including the hardwood stands of West Virginia. Heisler’s design revolved around two pistons angled at 45 degrees. The pistons were connected to a shaft which powered all of the wheels via a system of gears. The articulated trucks could negotiate sharp curves. The all-new Lionel Heisler locomotives are both detailed replicas of this American original. Each TMCC equipped locomotive includes accurate operating rods, shafts and gears. The RailSounds sound system is inspired by the unique chuffs and whistle of the prototype. Both Lionel Heisler locomotives are based on a three-truck 90 ton version that was built in 1929, and still survives to this day. The Meadow River Lumber Company operated from 1910 until 1971. The mill provided the hardwood for the ballroom
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The American Union Railroad Map of the United States, British Possessions, West Indies, Mexico, and Central America

The American Union Railroad Map of the United States, British Possessions, West Indies, Mexico, and Central America
Virginia Union University
Image by Mobiliotype
Haasis & Lubrecht
The American Union Railroad Map of the United States, British Possessions, West Indies, Mexico, and Central America
Engraved transfer chromolithograph on paper mounted on linen, 95 x 129 cm.
New York: Haasis & Lubrecht, 1871
Virginia Garrett Cartographic History Library
The University of Texas at Arlington (98/6 700049)

Smitty the Italian Stallion at Norfolk & Western Railroad Adventures.

Norfolk & Western signal gang # 4 adventures in the 1980’s Norfolk Southern Railway (NS) is a major Class I railroad in the United States, owned by the Norfolk Southern Corporation. With headquarters in Norfolk, Virginia, the company operates 21500 route miles in 22 eastern states, the District of Columbia and the province of Ontario, Canada. The most common commodity hauled on the railroad is coal from mines in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. The railroad also offers an extensive intermodal network in eastern North America. The current system was formed in 1982 with the creation of the Norfolk Southern Corporation, a holding company, and on December 31, 1990, the Southern Railway was renamed Norfolk Southern Railway, and control of the Norfolk and Western Railway was transferred from the holding company to the Norfolk Southern Railway. In 1999, the system grew substantially with the acquisition of over half of Conrail.
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The WV Presents “THE LOCUST HEIGHTS & WESTERN RAILROAD” featuring Mason Climax locomotive

SPECIAL PRESENTATION in HD! In the early 1970s, Clarksburg, West Virginia machinist Keith Mason decided to use his great technical skills to craft his children a playhouse…and not just any playhouse…but a full sized replica of a narrow guage railroad caboose. A couple of years later when his children got a little older, he decided that the caboose was missing something…a locomotive to pull it. It was not long (a year, to be exact) before he had solved this problem…he SCRATCH BUILT a fully operational “Climax” locomotive based on blueprints from that famous type of geared engine’s earliest design from the 1880s. Today, both the engine and caboose (along with a couple of scratchbuilt flatcars to haul additional passengers and equipment) are still fully operational, and are run nearly a mile over Mason’s large tract of property, along a grade that he and several friends and volunteers also constructed from scratch, even building a short log-cribbed trestle with railroad-timber bents supporting it. When standing there in person, it is very impressive to think how a caboose playhouse turned into to full sized narrow guage railroad operation. Sometimes railroad dreams really do come true! 8D If you would like to catch a ride on the Locust Heights and Western Railroad and will be in the Clarksburg area, the train runs for the public every Wednesday night from May-October, departing at 7:00PM, with additional departures as demand requires. Although the ride is free