Where is a good place between MA and MS to stop for the night? I”m driving there and this is my 1st road trip?

Question by sailorchick8786: Where is a good place between MA and MS to stop for the night? I”m driving there and this is my 1st road trip?
I’m not sure how to go about planning this. I know that its going to take about 23 hours not giving traffic a thought. Should I book a hotel ahead and make little stops goal destinations for the trip??

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Answer by NOLA guy
The map programs simply divide the miles by 70mph and don’t even take stopping for fuel into account.

Boston to Jackson is over 1400 miles, and Boston to Gulfport is almost 1500 miles (which is closer to 30 hours of driving).

Boston to Washington, DC is about 450 miles. You almost certainly will encounter heavy traffic in the “Boston-Washington corridor” so try to get through it on the first day. Stop for the night somewhere in VA past Washington, such as Winchester, VA.


Knoxville, TN is about halfway between Winchester, VA and Jackson, MS..


Have your car serviced & inspected by a real mechanic before leaving home. Make sure you know how to change the tire, and that the spare is good. Also make sure your registration, inspection sticker, & proof of insurance are up-to-date.

Yes, make hotel reservations. Note that “government/military rate” is NOT always the best rate at a hotel but do ask.


Hope you have a great trip!

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How much does a road trip from Florida to Maine cost & what can we do?

Question by Steph Andrea: How much does a road trip from Florida to Maine cost & what can we do?
My friend & I are planning a trip from Florida to Maine and we’re wondering how much it would cost. Also, what are some interesting things we can do in these states:

Georgia, North/South Carolina, Virginia, Maryland/Washington DC, Pennsylvania, New York/New York City, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Kentucky, Tennessee

Any suggestions are appreciated!

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Answer by S. J
About $ 100 per day average . . . . unless you sleep in the car !

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The Road Home

The Road Home
Virginia Network
Image by Kenya Allmond
See the "The Road Home" video

On Thanksgiving morning, I stopped by the BF’s parents in Dale City (not Woodbridge), Virginia. Then I was off to Smithfield, Virginia to pickup my grandmother and then to my mother’s house in Chesapeake. If I had gone straight to Chesapeake, this video would be nothing but interstate. The fastest way to Smithfield from anywhere north, however, is to take Route 460 from I-95 in Petersburg and then Route 620 in Ivor. It’s much a much more relaxing and scenic drive. Also, I love the old Victorian houses in downtown Smithfield. A few of them also appear on my Flickr.You might recognize the Utter(z) that I made on Thanksgiving morning at the beginning of the video. The song "Going Home" by Tim George was provided by the PodSafe Music Network.This video was originally shared on blip.tv by kenyaoa with a Creative Commons Attribut

The road to the 2009 Stagg Bowl – UW-Whitewater Warhawks bring home the title

The UW-Whitewater football team won the 2009 NCAA Division III national Championship on Dec. 19. This video is an account of the game on the football team’s side and the fan’s side. The NCAA all footage of the actual game copyrighted, so it could not be reproduced in this video.
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I’m taking a road trip from San Francisco to Virginia City, NV…any places to visit along the way?

Question by VilmerFud: I’m taking a road trip from San Francisco to Virginia City, NV…any places to visit along the way?
Any must sees along the way? I’m into sight seeing old western towns such as Virginia City, also any nature sight seeing places, but give me all of your thoughts, I’m open to go anywhere as long as it’s worth going there.

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Answer by wickedgirl1973
Definitely stop in Carson City and ride the train and see the museum at Nevada State Railroad Museum (Mon – Fri only though):


I wouldn’t take 80 to Reno and then south, I would get to the Central Valley and take 50 through Tahoe and then over into the Carson Valley, so pretty.

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1814 Roxbury Road in 1918

1814 Roxbury Road in 1918
Virginia Insurance
Image by UA Archives | Upper Arlington History
Mr. John G. McIntyre and his wife, Helen (Runyan) McIntyre, were from Columbus and Morrow, Ohio, respectively, and resided at 1814 Roxbury Road with their daughter Mary Jane. Mr. McIntyre received his higher education at Holy Cross School. He was employed by Gem Coal and Supply Co. and was active in the organization and development of the Columbus Automobile Club. In his spare time, he enjoyed horseback riding. McIntyre operated a pony farm near Delaware, Ohio where he raised ponies for use in the mines. He also enjoyed automobile races that were occasionally held at the Columbus Driving Park.

The McIntyre home was purchased by the Percy M. Minshall family. Mr. Minshall was born in London, Ohio in 1880 and received his high school education in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He and his wife, Lillian (Thompson) Minshall, had two children, Marion and Virginia. Mr. Minshall was employed as a cashier in the Columbus office of the Bankers’ Life Insurance Company of America for many years. He was also a member of the Shriners’ fraternity. In his spare time, Mr. Minshall enjoyed outdoor life, and he often traveled north to Canada to hunt and fish.

This image available online at the UA Archives >>

Read the related "Norwester" magazine article at the UA Archives >>


Identifier: hinw09p012i02
Date (yyyy-mm-dd): c. 1918-07
Original Dimensions: 12.7 cm x 7.7 cm
Format: Black and White Halftone Photograph
Source: Norwester, July 1918, page 12
Original Publisher: Upper Arlington Community (Ohio)
Location/s: Upper Arlington (USA, Ohio, Franklin County)
Repository: Upper Arlington Historical Society
Digital Publisher: UA ArchivesUpper Arlington Public Library

Credit: UA Archives – Upper Arlington Public Library (Repository: UA Historical Society)

22030 Willisville Road, Upperville, Virginia 20184

This redone Elegant Country Estate has recently been updated with 0K worth of improvements to the kitchen, baths, new roof, window repairs and pool to name a few. It sits on 7 very private acres, but still has a feel of community. From the circular drive to the great view and pool/patio outdoor living, through the iron & mahogany door to the limestone floors the home is warm and inviting.