Be the BIG Difference! Parents of disabled children talk about short breaks (Short version)

Be the BIG Difference! A full-length DVD of 7 films designed to inspire people to become Short Break Carers for disabled young people is available from See the video for more details!

Virginia Beach – Short HD Video Tour, Virginia – USA

Virginia Beach, VA – Short HD Video Tour – Virginia, USA – August 2012. The city of Virginia Beach is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as having the longest pleasure beach in the world, and is the most populous city in the state, as well as the 39th largest city in the United States. Virginia Beach is a resort city with miles of beaches and hundreds of hotels, motels and restaurants along its oceanfront. Every year the city hosts the East Coast Surfing Championships and the North American Sand Soccer Championship.

Inside the 38th Annual Lehigh Paul Short Run [Sept. 30, 2011]

Lehigh Athletics hosted the 38th annual Paul Short Run presented by Brooks on September 30, 2011. More than 5000 runners from 450 colleges and high schools took part in the biggest event in its history. Take an inside look at the event with these highlights and interviews with both Lehigh coaches Debbie Utesch and Todd Etters, and assistant athletic director and meet director Greg Schulze.
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How long would it take to evict former owner (but current occupant) of house acquired in short sale, in VA?

Question by Justin F: How long would it take to evict former owner (but current occupant) of house acquired in short sale, in VA?
A bank has approved our offer for a short sale of a home in pre-foreclosure. The current owner of the property has told us he will only move forward with settlement if he can have two months free rent back while he finds someplace to go. If it came down to it, and I accepted this offer, to what lengths could the current owner extend his stay beyond those two months–through filing bankruptcies, or other legal means that could prevent me from moving forward with an eviction? Clearly, I am not going to move forward unless I KNOW that I can control when he vacates the property. How long could he potentially “squat”, once I settle on the house, before I could have him evicted? Again–for you legal experts out there–this is in the state of Virginia.


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Answer by goz1111
at the most if you file for eviction one day after two months would be three weeks, without knowing the state on the day after on the two months file eviction which should take three weeks

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Need your advice on my short cover letter. Please be honest.?

Question by James B: Need your advice on my short cover letter. Please be honest.?
(If you desire to edit and email me. MY Email is

My cover letter is below:

Seeking a position as an Instructor in the areas of Religion, Philosophy or Education at %%%%% University


I have taught Theatre Arts in the public school system of four years and in September of 2007, I have accepted a position as a High School Educational Counselor position for Talent Search at %%%% University. In addition, I have pastored a church for five years.

My educational background includes a Bachelors Degree in Speech and Drama with a minor in Religion and Philosophy and a Masters of Divinity from Virginia Union University. I also have Masters Degree in Education and Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Phoenix. Currently, I am in my first year as a doctoral candidate for an Educational Leadership degree with Argosy University.

I am energetic, creative and I am able to employ a variety of instructional strategies to reach the diversity of learners in a classroom. I have always been interested in teaching in an institute of higher learning.

Your program will provide an excellent opportunity for me to utilize my academic background in education, religion and philosophy to help students make connections between what they learn in the classroom and what they learn in the real world.

Argosy University
Doctorate Degree in Educational Leadership, (EDD)- Anticipated graduation 2010

University of Phoenix
Master of Arts in Education, (MAED) Curriculum and Instruction-2006

Virginia Union University
Master of Divinity (M. Div)-Major, Theology-2006

Bachelors of Arts (B.A.)-Major, Speech and Drama-1999, cum laude

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Answer by MM
Did you mean you needed advice on your resume? A cover letter is supposed to express your interest in the specific job, highlight a few (emphasis on few) points from your resume or provide additional information you couldn’t fit into it about why you’re the best qualified candidate, and to let the recruiter know anything else they might need to about the best time and method to contact you for an interview. All this should take a few short but solid paragraphs. Save the meat of your qualifications and the bullet points for the attached resume.

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Real Estate Short Sale vs Foreclosure – Experts Negotiate with Bank – If facing foreclosure call a short sale expert and get working on your short sale today – Part 4 – The lenders, its the loss mitigation departments that youre dealing directly, with the two of you doing the negotiations on behalf of the homeowner. Good, and then do you contact the lender immediately when someone calls you, and were going to talk about when they should call you in just a few minutes, but when the homeowner calls you do you immediately contact the lender and find out when the foreclosure date is and try to get that pushed back? We do that as soon as possible, we can check the foreclosure date on tax records, if there is one that has been set, but there is some paperwork that is involved before we can contact the lender, because the lender will not just speak to anyone on behalf of the homeowner. You can get a lawyer and they will not talk to your lawyer unless they have authorization in writing from you the homeowner to speak about their financial situation and their mortgage on their behalf. So we do have some paperwork that we have clients do and the first thing is the authorization letter, as soon as we have that we can begin speaking to them on your behalf. So Kalyn the next question is, when should someone start the process? Now. Honestly if youre listening to us right now and this is striking any sort of nerve you should be calling us. If you have concerns about being able to afford your home, or you cant sell it, if
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Germanna one of six Virginia community colleges helping those just short of obtaining degrees

Former Stafford County Supervisor Kandy Hilliard is about to finish up her degree at GCC. Germanna is one of six community colleges in Virginia recently chosen to participate in Project Win-Win, a program aimed at increasing the number of people with college degrees. The project seeks to award degrees to people who already qualify for an associate degree but never received a degree of any kind. It also seeks to identify people who need nine credits or fewer to earn an associate degree, which community colleges award. The goal is to spur former students to finish their degrees and to help some of the roughly 1 million Virginians with college credits but no degree obtain one. Hilliard is a Board Member at HOME, Political Print Consultant at Creative Color and Assistant Director at The Childcare Network, She’s accomplished much without a degree and feels the sky’s the limit with one. For more information, go, or call 540/891-3000.
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