Logging into Windows XP with Trend Micro AntiVirus?

Question by : Logging into Windows XP with Trend Micro AntiVirus?
So, recently my “computer wiz” uncle Nick came in from Virginia for a visit. While he was here, he did me a favor (yeah right!) and “deleted some viruses” while installing a new virus protection software called Trend Micro AntiVirus.
Ever since, I can’t log into my user account. My granny’s and my little brother’s were unaffected, but mine gives me this message:
“Windows cannot load the user’s profile but has logged you on with the default profile for the system.
DETAIL – Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service. ”

& it’s like my files and documents never existed; they are nowhere to be found on the computer.
Also, some of my softwares don’t work anymore. Zune, World of Warcraft, uTorrent, etc.
I’ve worked with the settings on the antivirus software, & the problem still persists.
I can’t even delete my user account.

Am I ever going to get back in, or is it gone forever?
Please help me out; 10 points to whoever does.

Thanks for your reply!
But well, the problem shouldn’t be memory, I’ve still got 43 gigs out of 74.4.
I actually just found all of my files & documents in the recycle bin, but I still can’t log into my user name or use Zune software.
Both of which really need to be done.. Soon.
rossmart34, you’re completely right.
When I went through the quarantined files, they were ALL .exe files.
I found all of my documents though, which I’m very thankful for.
Hopefully I can re-install Zune and my other softwares.

Thanks so much for your help!
I appreciate it dearly :O)

Best answer:

Answer by Brian F
Check the amount of free disk space… your hard drive may be almost full.

Trend Micro is an EXTREME memory hog… It’s possible that you either need more RAM or need to uninstall Trend Micro…

You should be able to check free disk space from either of th two accounts that are working

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20030724 – USPS – SPBS (Small Parcel Bundle Sorter) – screen – my God it’s full of DOS windows! – 100-0073

20030724 – USPS – SPBS (Small Parcel Bundle Sorter) – screen – my God it’s full of DOS windows! – 100-0073
Virginia Software
Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)
Kick ass! 15 command-lines/command-line-driven processes! And people think I’m weird for having 2-4 of these open. At least I’m running 4NT and not COMAMND.COM/CMD.EXE!

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DOS, Small Parcel Bundle Sorter (SPBS), Windows, command line, monitor, screen.

USPS, Merrifield, Virginia.

July 24, 2003.

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MyTopo Terrain Navigator Pro Virgina Map DVD-ROM (Windows)

MyTopo Terrain Navigator Pro Virgina Map DVD-ROM (Windows)

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Set of CD-ROMs with a total of 300 to 4,000 topographical maps covering the entire state. (Orthophoto Quads are accessible via Internet download.)

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MyTopo Terrain Navigator Virgina Map CD-ROM (Windows)

MyTopo Terrain Navigator Virgina Map CD-ROM (Windows)

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GPS Features Pocket Navigator software integrates mapping and GPS technology on a Pocket PC. You can also turn your notebook PC into a moving map display by connecting it to a GPS. Terrain Navigator allows you to upload and download marks and tracks between your PC and your GPS receiver (though you can not download maps onto your GPS receiver).


What’s in the Box
Set of CD-ROMs with a total of 300 to 4,000 topographical maps covering the entire state.

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